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1991 RS / LT1

*** FOR SALE ***

---------- Car Specs ----------

1991 Camaro RS color red with black interior and T-tops.

T-Top weather stripping is brand new. (I wrote the original T-top tech article for Thirdgen.org http://www.thirdgen.org/newdesign/tech/ttops.shtml)

Chassis has 77,000 miles.

355 LT1 and 10-bolt rear end both have 2,600 miles.

Interior is in excellent condition and features an air bag, pw, pl, pb, ps, power trunk release and pull-down motor, cloth seats, rear split folding seats, and a leather corvette shift handle. Gauge cluster is the 145mph version which would otherwise only be found on Iroc-Zs or Z28s.

---------- 355 LT1 build sheet ----------

This engine was built specifically for use with a 9 or 12psi supercharger.

Running pump gas with a cr of 9.2:1 I intended it to be my daily driver street car.

  • 1995 LT1 block and corresponding wiring.
  • GM forged 1055 3.48" 1-piece rear main seal.
  • Childs & Albert "Trackmaster" 4340 forged 5.7" rods.
  • TRW 4340 forged 21cc dished blower pistons +.030"
  • Milodon 4-bolt main, Melling high-volume oil pump, plasma-moly rings, King Alecular bearings, ARP bolts/studs throughout, Fel-Pro head gaskets, rotating assembly weight-matched and computer balanced.
  • GTP LT1 Stage 2 heads (Gallant Technical Performance - http://www.gtp-racing.com) with full street port/polish, bowl work, flows 280cfm @ .550" lift.
  • Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.6 non self-aligning roller rockers and guide plates.
  • Comp Cams dual valve springs good to .600" lift.
  • Comp Cams single-piece .080" thick-walled chrome-moly pushrods.
  • Comp Cams 'R hydraulic lifters.
  • AFR Hydra-Rev kit.( http://www.airflowresearch.com/pages/hydra_rev.htm )
  • Comp Cams Camshaft cut to Combination Motorsports' own specifications for emissions-legal blower cam.
  •  ( http://www.cmotorsports.com/engine/lt1-lt4-camshaft-design.html) Part # TS-224XL (224/236 duration, .536"/.555" lift, 115 lsa)
  • LT4 Heavy-Duty timing gear and chain set
  • LT1 intake runners cleaned and gasket-matched to GTP heads with plenum opening to TB ported to accept a 58mm Throttle Body.

---------- General Bolt-ons ----------

  • LT4 Valve Covers.
  • LT4 high-torque starter.
  • 1LE tight-ratio steering box.
  • Corvette C4 fuel rail covers.
  • Braided Steel fuel lines and -AN fitting adapters for LT1 fuel rail.
  • Granatelli MAF ( http://www.granatellimotorsports.com ) with MBA ( http://www.MBAproducts.com ) blue anodized aluminum end pieces.
  • Walbro 255lph in-tank fuel pump.
  • SVO 36# flow-matched injectors.
  • TPIS adjustable fuel pressure regulator.( http://www.tpis.com)
  • MSD-6AL ignition and Blaster coil.
  • 95+ vented opti-spark (brand new).
  • CSI electric water pump.( http://www.csiperformance.com/water_pump2.html )
  • Iroc-Z dual fan conversion.
  • TPIS 160-degree thermostat (car runs 180 degrees while driving and 190 if stopped in traffic).
  • SLP 1 3/4" headers and 3" y-pipe.( http://www.slponline.com )
  • B&M SuperCooler 28,000 GVW 11"x8"x1-1/2" transmission cooler.( http://www.bmracing.com )
  • Yank model 2800 TT  10" stall converter. ( http://www.converter.cc/)
  • Dynomax intermediate pipe and muffler with custom factory-appearing turndown tips.
  •  Strange 3.73 ring & pinion with Summit rear end girdle.
  • Zexel-Torsen limited-slip differential.
  • Koni Yellow "Street Sport" adjustable shocks/struts. ( http://www.koni.com/_cars/frame.html )
  • 1992 style 16x8" Z28 rims and Z28 grille.
  • Car Cover.
  • Alpines head unit, speakers, and 12-cd changer.

AC delete with a rare non-ac airbox on the firewall makes for a very clean and original-looking installation.

Custom engine harness wiring done by Chae Lavin with the LT1 pcm mounting inside the dash in the stock position and a plug-in port nearby.

Custom programming done by Bryan Hurter at http://www.PCMforless.com

I also have an early set of black powdercoated Steve Spohn sub-frame connectors for the car, but they are not yet installed. (http://www.spohn.net/product.cfm?productid=1309)

.......and dozens of other custom fabrications involved in the LT1 swap.

2000 Corvette Coupe (K.I.A. July 4th, 2003)

Options that matter(ed):
Sport seats.
Selectable Suspension.
Both glass and body tops.
Factory polished rims.

Mods to date:
SLP Loud Mouth exhaust.
Alpine DVD Nav System.
Alpine 6" LCD display in glove box.
Alpine Moblie May-day satellite security various sensors, transmitters, and switches 100% hidden throughout the car.
Motorola Cell mounted behind ashtray cover.
BPP Vortex Ram-Air kit...  a MUST for any C5 Corvette owner.

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